HOLDING ELECTRIC CO., LTD was established in 1983. For the last three decades, it has specialized in professional applications of magnetic force control technology and has been the leader in the industry.
The company's products are awarded several patents around the world, and each product was confirmed by precise engineering and stringent quality control of production. Under the principle of excellence,
“Innovation, Quality, Patent”, we will be the providing the best products and services.

‧Taiwan inventions and new patents totaled 83 patents.
‧China and worldwide totaled 28 patents.

Taiwan Patents  053210、050334、057580、073974、073191、076418、084094、
                              074069、 108371、130520、105885、143109、143283、125169、
China Patents  ZL00238353.5、ZL00254669.8、ZL02241547.5、ZL200420051102.8、
                            Z200520004530X、ZL 200720126531.0 、ZL 200720154085.4
U.S. Patents  US6231426B1、US6270398B1、US7033329B2
Germany Patents  20017126.7、20012685.7    Korea Patents   0229666   
Italy Patents 2001A000905